What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Scott can take care of all your recording, editing, and mixing needs. On time deliveries with freakin’ awesome soundtracks.

    Ryan Araki

    Senior Post Audio Supervisor at Nelvana
  • I have worked with Scott for many years on a number of different projects, preschool to preteen. Scott is wonderful to work with and always surprises me with creative solutions to what I thought might be difficult challenges! Scott’s experience speaks volumes of his abilities and dedication to his craft. If you have a chance to work with Scott you won’t be disappointed!

    Larry Jacobs

    Series Director at RedKnot (Nelvana)
  • Scott provides world class post production sound with true love and care. He makes everything better!!

    Beth Stevenson

    Founder & Producer @ Brain Power Studio
  • What can I say, he’s the best! We worked together on the first season of Scaredy Squirrel and his attention to detail and his commitment to the project always left us floored. Scott’s sound design, particularly in animation, is always geared to telling a great story, and in our case, getting a great laugh.

    Matt Ferguson

    Series Director at DHX
  • Scott makes audio magic and is a swell guy to work with.

    Dave Beatty

    Creative Producer/Partner at Secret Sauce Entertainment Inc.
  • His technical expertise and creativity as a sound supervisor, engineer, music editor and music mixer are first rate. Scott’s technical skills are only surpassed by his kindness and generosity towards everyone he works with.

    Meiro Stamm

    Composer/Owner, GeoHarmonic Music Corporation
  • Scott’s knowledge and talents encompass the gamut of soundtrack creation which includes Dialogue, Sound Effects and Music recording and editorial deftness. He is one of the most affable and energetic people I know in the business and is a complete pleasure to work with. He is conscientious, quick and considerate of the needs of any project he touches.

    James Porteous

    Manager of Sound Services, Technicolor Creative Services
  • Scott has great technical skills, great ears and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to any project that he is involved with

    Rob Kirkpatrick

    In-House Producer, Spence-Thomas Audio Post